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Simply Irisistable, Art done my way !

Many words have been used to produce books about art. Books that describe the phenomenon of  "art", and provide us with guidelines about how to look at art, how to position it in its era of creation, how the artist felt when he/she made the artefact, and last but not least why it is worth every penny (or not of course). But in my opinion, it all boils down to whether you like the artefact or not.

The same applies to my art: for me it is Simply Irisistable For you dear visitor it may look more complex than that, but then again, it might not. Take a look in the "Art Collection" and send me your feedback through my contact page.

If you like what you seen and you want to be reminded when new Simply Irisistable Art comes on-line, then apply for the mailing list at the same contact page.

Enjoy the exploration,



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Last modified: 13-01-09